Resort Closed for the Winter Season

Really, wherever you say “I do,” you’re going to remember it. But, ideally, you’d like it to come somewhere that means as much to you as those words will. Somewhere that symbolizes the dramatic turns your lives are about to take, like, say, the top of a mountain with sweeping views of the picturesque valley below.

Mountain Creek’s become known as one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Northern New Jersey largely because of that view. Picture it: You, on top of the world, literally and figuratively. A cloud-free summer sky stretched just overhead. To your right, a couple dozen (or hundred) of your closest friends and family. Straight ahead, your partner for life, that bond fortified, here and now, by all of this—the ceremony, the witnesses, the setting. And to your left, a scene that draws the air straight from your chest. Hills, homes, the horizon, all of it within reach, yet not.

And when the time comes to retire indoors, the setting retains all of its majesty—a vaulted ceiling, exposed beams, elegant décor tailored to your taste. The day and night will become a blur in real time, but later on, you’ll remember exactly where you were for each of those touchstone moments, as well as the hushed interludes with just you and your partner. That’s the difference between a venue rich with character and a sterile banquet hall.

Do your homework. See as many places as you can. Much as we’re hoping to convince you that Mountain Creek is where you belong, it’s only in appreciating for yourself why we’re one of the most quaint wedding venues in New Jersey that the montage of imagined happy scenes will begin to fade and you’ll see yourself there, a thousand feet up, the world at your feet.